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Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins The final book in the Hunger Games trilogy. Again packed with excitement that left me wanting more. I think the book did a very good job of reflecting the horror of war and that good people don't always get what they want and bad people don't always come to a bad end. For the opening pages of the book I was so deep into the story I was sucked in to seeing it like a movie in my head, just as with some of my most favorite books. Sadly the use of the names for a couple of characters, Pollux and Castor, jolted me right out of the story to the extent I stopped reading for fifteen minutes. All I could think of was the movie Face Off. I do realize this wouldn't happen to everyone.
I predicted the last lines of the last chapter much too far in advance to be anyway surprised by it, but liked that all through the book nothing was presented in a neat little bow. This is a book that will give the reader pause for thought about what we are doing to our world and what legacy we are leaving for future generations.
All in all I enjoyed the three books, I don't feel any was complete in it's own right. They should be read as a series or not at all.