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The Halo Chronicles: The Guardian - Carey Corp Although this story was typical enough with the new girl trying not to fall for the hot supernatural guy, the delivery of the story was very original. I finished this a few days ago and wanted to think about what to say. I enjoyed reading and will certainly keep reading the chronicles. The characters were all well developed with good reasons for their behavior. One of my favorite characters was, the still very childlike, Derry. I hope to see more of him in the next part of the story.

Why did I take a star away? Well, it's more to do with my issues with the story rather than the book itself. If you are looking for happily ever after, this is not the book for you. What stated out for me as a YA angst story with supernatural elements quickly turned very dark. Corp sort of blindsided me. The reader is prepared for part of the ending all through the story with one of the characters warning as much. Toward the end I certainly saw hints on who the villain was and why. It is obviously the eternal optimist in me that hoped for a slightly different ending.

So, although I didn't get the resolution I wanted, I would still highly recommend this excellent book and will be keeping my eyes open for more from Carey Corp.