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Bridger (Bridger, #1) - Megan Curd Let me say, I wanted to love, love, love this book. The premise and summary sounded great and it has some wonderful reviews. I bought it and started reading the moment I laid eyes on it, and that rarely happens with me. With that is mind I'll start with all the good stuff about this book. The fae, their history, their gifts and conflict, it was all brilliant and put together in a way I felt had a very original spin. The descriptions of any fight scenes were well thought out and exciting. I felt as if I was there watching, particularly the encounter in the beginning of the book. It started off with the wow factor and gripped me immediately. So overall I would say this is a book for anyone who enjoys well put together fae mythology and I can see myself picking up the next book in the series.

I'm taking a star away for the Irish characters and references outside of the mythology, they weren't believable for me, probably because I am Irish. I found myself pulled from the story often because of it. Most notable because they all talked like Americans, there was no local terms or slang. It felt off. There were three(I think) references to Liam's - one of the MCs - coloring as being highly unusual. It isn't unusual here at all to have black hair with blue eyes. They may seem like small things but when sprinkled through the entire book it prevented me from getting immersed as I would have liked to.

Again, overall it was very enjoyable and anyone from outside Ireland probably wouldn't pick up on the things I did. So I would recommend this as a worthwhile read.