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Crossed - Ally Condie So, this book was a bit of a wild ride. In some respects I enjoyed it more than the first book and in some less. I enjoyed the development of the characters and introduction of the new characters. Some times I got a bit lost. I felt there was a lot more info dumping about society in this book and I had to go back and read a second time.

Then there was the ending, it left me scratching my head. What happened to the two so desperate to be together? They just suddenly walked away without a fight or even a goodbye. I lost faith in the main female character because even though she didn't give in, I found her fickle and and uncommitted. A lot of what happened wasn't explained at all and left the reader completely hanging.

I still gave it three stars because I did enjoy reading it despite the above and I enjoyed Ky's POV. I expect more from the next book. I expect, given the strength of the first book, all questions will be answered.