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The Atheist's Daughter - Renée Harrell This book was hard work for me and took a while to get through. It left me a little confused because I felt like giving up on it so many times but at the same time I really wanted to know what happened at the end.

A lot goes on in this story and I got a spooky Stephen King vibe from it, which was funny because King got a mention at one point. The characters were well developed and diverse, the writing flowed like silk and the descriptions were vivid enough to place me right in the center of the story.

On the other hand, I spent 95% of the story with no clue to what the main character was, who the creatures were or where it was all headed. Then it got to the end and I felt as if I'd been slapped around the head a few times with a deluge of information. Suddenly it all seems like the entire book was a set up for a series, like a pilot episode of a show about to be filmed.

So why the 4 stars? Because if this is the pilot, I would certainly watch the series. Yes, by the end I was hooked on these characters and this story. I think this book it well worth taking a chance on.