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Streamline - Jennifer Lane Wow! I actually finished this several days ago but I needed to let it sit before reviewing.

This book is heartfelt and heart wrenching. It's a powerful piece of writing, filled with the complex and diverse characters I have come to expect from Jennifer Lane. At times, I honestly felt like shouting and other times I cried, real fat tears, complete with red face and running make-up.

The book centers on three families and how abuse, both physical and mental, carries through and affects each of them. Then in turn, spreads out like a stain to touch anyone who comes in contact with the abuser either directly or indirectly. There were times where the story highlights how there isn't always a hero to come rushing in and sweeping the bad guy away, sometimes people need to battle through and create their own happy ending of some kind.

A love story with a basis in harsh reality. I highly recommend this book for older teens and adults.